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  • C100k problem
  • Timer interrupt(A periodic interrupt that allows the OS to stop the current thread’s execution and schedule a different thread)

Coroutine Notes

1-thread and n-thread:


1 Threadn Threads
Memory/PerformanceFairness in scheduling
No lockingEasier to understand and write the code


1 Threadn Threads
Stack RippingLocking
Debugging hardHard on performance

Fibre vs Coroutine vs Async:

  • Fibre/Coroutines have their own stacks(benefits like stack trace/shared variables).
  • Async is stackless. Also called as stackless coroutines.

Stackless coroutines are implemented in - JS, C#, Rust, C++ 20 Stackfull are implemented in - Golang, C++

RPC Notes

Concepts like -

  1. At most once
  2. At least once
  3. Exactly once(technically impossible)